IFTTT, the missing link for Google Glass users

I’ve been using and enjoying IFTTT for a few weeks, and also using and very much enjoying my Glass Explorer Edition. I was overjoyed this week when I noticed that Glass had been added to the IFTTT channels.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. It’s a web service which allows users to select from a menu of inputs and a menu of outputs to create custom recipes designed to bridge the gaps in online services. You can, for example, make a recipe to repost Facebook updates on Twitter, or to email you whenever a file is uploaded to your Dropbox. Now, with Glass support, you can create recipes to notify your Glass display when one of any number of things occur in your online life. This is particularly nice at this early stage in Glass development, when a lot of apps haven’t been designed yet. The possibilities for this are innumerable. I’m mainly excited about it because I’m frustrated by my Glass being tied to very closely to my gmail account and its associated email. I’m particularly interested in setting up email forwards which will trigger ifttt and then notify Glass — for example, when my wife or a work client emails me. As a developer, this one Glass application cuts down dramatically on the number of things I wanted to hack up some code for, which is fantastic. I have plenty to do otherwise!

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