How to reset the title in your Tumblr blog

Today, I came across a small hiccup in the usability of Tumblr’s interface.   I had set up a Tumblr account some time ago and not configured it.   I went in today to do just that–because Tumblr works with Klout, Hootsuite and Google Glass, all of which I just started using this past month.   But, when I went in to change the default Title “untitled”, I couldn’t find how to do it.   My instinct was to go to login in via, which takes you to, and then to click on the gear icon for the settings page.   But my instinct was wrong.   That’s a terribly futile way to change the title of your blog.   Instead, what you need to do is visit the URL of your actual Tumblr blog.   Mine, for example, is < >.   From there, if you’re logged in, you should see a contextual menu in the top right with two links: customize and dashboard.   Click on customize, and you’ll be taken to a page with two panes, a replication of your blog on the right and a scrolling pane with several options on the left.   One of the options there is your title.  You can click it in, edit to your heart’s content, and click Save at the top.   Voila!

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